Saturday, March 5, 2011

Okay!!!!! This is DEVIN KRUSE! And... Thats it! :-) sorry... if thats cheesy to you!!!! :-) Muahahahahahaha


  1. DEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You have no idea who this is do you? Lol.

  2. well, I might need a little advice, I am trying
    to juggle 5 balls. at first I tryed to throw up
    2,2, then 1 ball... but that is not working for me. Then I tried to juggle 5 like I was juggling
    3, but I get all confused which ball goes where!! So if you have any advice for me it is welcomed.
    p.s. I don't think your post was cheesy!!
    p.s.s. I can juggle clubs now!! so exited!

  3. Wow! Thats AWESOME!!! I had no clue!You have to show me at church! And I can help you some! :-)

  4. At church? I don't even live in your state :(
    but if you give me your e-mail adress maybe
    I could send you a video.? :)
    Then you could help me.

  5. WOW!!!!!!!!!! :-) I did not realize you were Danae!!!! :-) I thought u were someone else!!!! :-) Thats Soooo COOL!!! Heres my email... if u need any help!

  6. yup! thats me!
    cool, thanks!

  7. haha It would be sooo cool to see you guys again sometime! :-) Hey I uploaded that video emma and u made a long time ago to youtube! U should watch it! thats the link!


  9. haha that is so funny!!!
    Thats when I had braces!
    I remember doing that!
    That would be so so cool if we could visit u guys too!!